There are too many Olive's Suppliers from Egypt, but there is only
one ACA-GO !!

A group of experienced people, gathered together in one company in order to fulfil all customer's needs and add value at the same time.

We work with the principle of "Win-Win situation", we do not aim only to gain money, as others tend to do, that's why we have long-term cooperation of success with our customers and partners dealing for more than 6 years , and they are always happy with our products and the services we provide to them.

We work with the customers who have the same mentality and thinking as we do, because we established our company in order to improve and re-fix the image the world has for the Egyptian products, especially for "Pickled Olives, Pickled Peppers and Artichokes", as we started as a quality inspection company and we heard the customer's requests, and during the years we expanded and we developed a small facility for packing our products and two branches one in Egypt and one in UAE as well.

Maybe in the past you did not have a choice or a possibility to change your suppliers though they supply you with repeating quality problems, delayed loadings and very expensive prices comparing the quality you get, now you have the opportunity to get what you need, in the time you want with very affordable prices and with a professional after selling service.

The choice is yours … Aca-go Company together we make a DIFFERENCE