We would like to keep you informed that ,the new season of PEPPERS 2024 will start soon in Egypt and on the top of the demand from our partners every year comes " Cored Cherry Pepper ".

We can provide you with two shapes for this kind of peppers :
1. Whole red cherry peppers with stem.
2. Cored red cherry peppers for stuffing.

This kind of pepper come to you with three different sizes according to dimeter as the following :

  • - Small ( 25-30 )
  • - Medium (30-35)
  • - Large ( 35-40 )

Why choose our cherry pepper ?

- It comes to you from our farms after intensive follow-up at the begging of plant cultivation , till the harvest season, more offer our peppers are a healthy , clean product and the most important is a free from pesticide residue.

- We are able to supply in two different solution , in normal salty one and a other preserved in a sweet solution.

- The most important also , is that we imported a special sharp knifes for coring the product , because of it we avoid bad cutting which effects badly of the shape of the product and we are the only supplier who care about this point.

- We have the ability to provide you with different packages as the following :

  • - Bulk for industry and b2b
  • - Metallic tins for foodservice and horeca
  • - Glass jars for retail

- We care about our reputation always , so our priority is to supply you with premium quality product , at very affordable prices on time.

For more information you can easily reach to me now by one click http://wa.me/+201100367772