Olives and Pickles inspection service

Price $300

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Category: Pickles inspection service


Quick Overview

we serve you to check your products while you are at home,

we aim to help you to meet your business targets through

Minimizing Cost, Risk, Variation and

Increasing Quality which Lead to Maximizing Profit.

Our focus and specialty are on Agro and Food Industries,

Do you spend a lot of money, effort and time on flying to just check the final product or some of it?

Do you want someone to check your product by your eye, someone to be your second arm, at the fraction of your costs?

You will find us as your partner here in Egypt.

Our objective is to manage your product requests till the products will reach to your hands; we will be your eyes, your nose, and your tongue here in Egypt.

Our vision is to provide from the suppliers high quality products according to your Standards.

We can meet your needs .... based on the principle of sustainable Partnership and mutual trust

We ensure that our focus remains on quality

one container basic inspection service cost (235 $)

Save your time and money

Manage your order

Hit your goals

We will work together to make a difference.

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